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I looked for research online for other games and things I wanted my game to be similar to. It was very helpful as I knew what I was looking for and how to make the story better by reading about other games plots. Aegis Defenders and Professor Layton influenced my game’s design a lot as I liked the idea of a pixel art world with characters that I can flesh out and have many types of characters to make it interesting.

I did finish the majority of my project in time but did have to add some parts of art and experimentation with my characters. My time plan was fairly effective but I underestimated how long doing digital art would take.

Originally, I had very different designs for my characters and after experimenting and trying different outfits and hairstyles I came across their final look and think it suits them a lot more than their original looks. I considered many different ideas such as 10 outfits and 6 hairstyles each for every character. I also had several names for each character with various meanings relating to their personalities. I had an original colour palette for each character and played around with different styles and outfits with that colour palette, mixing different outfits until I came across one I liked.

I think my overall look of the characters and how their personalities came out, but I would improve the style of the characters and how to shade them properly. I would also like to have done more detailed backgrounds but lacked the knowledge and time to do so.

If I did this project again I would love to make my line art a lot cleaner and do more realistic shading on my project. I would also do pixel art backgrounds and pixel art sprites for the games. I have learnt that digital art takes a lot of work and practice to get to a point where I like it.

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Game Treatment

The Damsel’s Adventure

It’s our turn. 

By Jade Johnson

[An outstanding concept picture]

Executive Summary

  • Control your warrior through a pixel art style 2D platformer, beating enemies and saving your teammates to progress through the game and go through the game using each of their strengths to your advantage.
  • Six characters to learn about and discover how they can help you advance through quests as you learn about their pasts and personalities that the players can connect to.
  • Upbeat soundtrack reminiscent of the Zelda series.
  • Promotes teamwork and using all the characters to get through the game rather than sticking to the one you like the look of the most.
  • Simple controls but challenging and rewarding puzzles and gameplay.
  • Collectables for each character to unlock more of their backstory to keep the player interested.



High Concept

We all know Mario and Link; and never-ending quest to rescue the princess and save the world- but what if a woman was to save her friends and their world instead? Enter- The Damsel’s Adventure!

These ladies certainly don’t need any princes and can definitely look out for themselves and their friends. They just want to get their world back to normal and help each other out doing it. Find your friends and use their unique skills and traits to help you progress as you meet these lovely six.


2D, pixel, level based, linear puzzle-platformer. The levels are very much new generation platformers with interesting and quirky designs packed full of detail similar to Fez and Aegis Defenders.


  • The overall look of the game: from the gorgeous background scenes to the characters and scenarios they get into, it’s very reminiscent of the old Zelda games with humor like Ace Attorney and Professor Layton, all mixed up in magical fantasy worlds. The story is wholesome and offers satisfying storylines and endings.
  • The replaying value of collecting all the special items and unlocking stories and character content such as hidden characters, new outfits, artwork and possibly voice lines for each character.
  • Each character has her own personality and story that makes her unique and likeable, some which may clash with others and make for interesting conclusions when choosing what to say to them, making it very much like the Telltale Games series where your choices matter and the characters will remember what you told them and like you more/less because of this.


No license will be needed. All characters will be completely original.

Gameplay Highlights

  • 2D typical platformer levels, appealing to old-school players and drawing in new players, giving them easy controls to get straight into the game without too much need for a tutorial.
  • Each level has puzzles and varying ways for how to succeed in it based on which character you’re playing as and the need to use teamwork to get to the end.
  • Short, numerous levels and sub-levels, which may be paused (and saved) easily and at any time, with minimal loading-time between them.
  • Very easy to learn and start playing, but with an increased difficulty as the levels go on.
  • The difficulty level gets more challenging depending on how many characters you currently have- corresponding to the abilities they each have.
  • Unlockable end levels which use each of the characters abilities so the gameplay doesn’t have to end at the canon storyline.
  • Varied obstacles, foes to be avoided and/or pursuing you will create a variable game, both in the actions the player may execute, and on the pace of the game.
  • 3 lives for each character, but able to revive the characters you’ve lost. Party may move slightly slower as you carry the unconious character.
  • Different levels show different areas of the kingdom such as the forests, castles and little towns overrun by monsters to be defeated.
  • Turn-based boss fights to end each important level similar to the Paper Mario games and pixel RPG style games.

Online Highlights

  • There’s no predicted online mode. The players may, however, share their accomplishments on the social networks. Maybe in the future, up to 6 people will be able to play in a

Technology Highlights

  • The game will be developed using Unity.

Art and Audio Highlights

  • The style will be visually similar to Aegis Defenders, with detailed pixel art and characters that stand out but also belong and blend well with the environment. It has a soothing and unique feel in each level depending on the atmosphere.
  • The game will have a custom soundtrack with each level having a song matching the atmosphere and place which the level will take place. Additionally, each character will have a song relating to them when you add them to your party.




  • PC game, and later console games such as the Nintendo Switch, PS4, and XBOX.

Game World


  • In the Kingdom of Amare all was well, with the six main characters working in their own jobs to help out the kingdom in their own ways. Until one day a curse fell over the kingdom, the inhabitants of the kingdom disappearing as the environment turned to ones of overgrown, winding forests and towering castles that they all found themselves stuck in.


  • Save the kingdom. Collect your friends and teammates, use them and their talents and abilities to save their home and each other while avoiding the monsters plaguing what was once their home.
  • Escape the castle. To do this, the princess will need to go to different scenarios within the castle, using her resources wisely. In some areas, she will have to avoid the witch’s servants, trying to capture her.

CharactersTurn around

  • Briar Croft
    • The leader who we begin our journey with. She has a sword that slices through her enemies easily and is overall a fairly balanced warrior. She got a scar over her eye from training in her younger years. She always wanted to be strong and strived to be a protector for all those around her, becoming captain of the royal guard. Turn around (1)
  • Adelaide Mckenna
    • A very rough-and-tumble character with a heart of gold. She hits hard and is very strong but also doesn’t think before leaping into battles, thinking she can do it all herself even if she requires help. She has a sword and shield as well as lots of armour so she’s more resistant to damage. She’s the second character you collect and add to your party. Turn around (1)
  • Caprice Pratt 
    • She isn’t exactly a great person, but very useful if locks need picking or the party needs to be particularly stealthy in places and to take out enemies without alerting others. She has a dagger and pouches to hide stolen/important items in. She’s the third character you collect and add to your party.

Turn around

  • Dahlia Adina
    • A very stubborn and childish person. She is able to fly and get to places that other character may not be able to, as well as confusing and disorienting enemies so that you can strike them or run away. She uses her wings to fly fast around enemies to confuse them, as well as bringing up a cloud of dust to blind them. She is the fourth character you collect and add to your party.

Turn around (1)

  • Guinevere Underwood
    • While not much is known about her, she is a force to be reckoned with. With the ability to raise the dead and send them after anyone trying to harm her or her friends. Guinevere is very motherly and protective despite her cold exterior at a first glance. She is able to summon skeletons to get rid of enemies and can use her own otherworldly magic to get rid of them. She is the fifth character you collect and add to your party.

Turn around (1)

  • Annie Faelynna
    • A character which heals the rest of the party, and the hardest to retrieve. She has a lot weaker damage but is able to revive anyone and keep their health up. She has a large mage’s staff to attack if she must, but is much more adept at healing than hurting. She is the sixth character you collect and add to your party.



  • The game starts easy, with several levels to get you used to the mechanics and collecting things before introducing the first character that you will add to your party, then learn about how she can help you in your continued quest.
  • After you collect more and more characters and gain different abilities, the game gets more complex as there are different ways to complete it.
  • Throughout the game, you’ll have opportunities to make friends and gain more trust in your party and find out more about them, the things you say to them determining whether or not they choose to trust you.

As the game continues, you will eventually rescue Annie and reunite her with Briar, and the party will go on to fight against the evil plaguing the kingdom and breaking the curse.

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FMP Timetable


  • 5th February- 11th February:
  • 12th February- 18th February (half term):
  • 19th February- 25nd February:
  • 26th February- 4st March:
  • 5th March- 8th March:
  • 12th March- 18th March:
  • 19th March- 25nd March:

Pitching presentation on the 22nd

  • 26th March- 29th April:

-Began practising digital art and starting to make concept outfits for the Warrior character

-Came up with a few names to choose for each character

  • 2nd April- 8th April (1st week of Easter):

-Initial drawings and traditional concept art for each character to begin making concept outfits for each of the characters for when I use the drawing tablet next week.

  • 9th April- 15th April (2nd week of Easter):

-5 concept outfits each for all 6 of the characters (Warrior, Cleric, Necromancer, Mystic, Knight & Rogue)

-Began making concept hairstyles for the Rogue character

  • 16th April- 22nd April:

-Did the remaining 3 hairstyles for the Rogue character, and did 6 concept hairstyles each for Knight, Mystic, Necromancer and Cleric

-Did 3 hairstyles for the Warrior character

  • 23rd April- 29th April:

-Did the remaining 3 concept hairstyles for the Warrior character

-Began thinking of which way I wanted to take the game and what style & gameplay would suit it

  • 30th April- 6th May:
  • 7th May- 13th May:
  • 14th May- 20th May:
  • 21th May- 27th May:


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FMP Moodboards

  • Concept art character mood board for inspiration from various other gamesConcept Art Moodboard
  • Castle location mood board for background inspirationCastle location inspiration
  • Forest location mood board for background inspirationLocation inspiration
  • Swords and daggers mood board for prop inspirationDagger and Sword Moodboard
  • Magic and wizard staffs mood board for prop inspirationMagic and Staffs Moodboard
  • Warrior character personality and looks inspiration mood boardwarrior moodboard.jpg
  • Cleric/mage character personality and looks inspiration mood boardMage character moodboard.jpg
  • Necromancer character personality and looks inspiration mood boardNecromancer Moodboard
  • Fairy/Mystic character personality and looks inspiration mood boardFairy Moodboard.jpg
  • Knight character personality and looks inspiration mood boardKnight Moodboard.jpg
  • Rogue character personality and looks inspiration mood boardRogue Moodboard
  • Pixel art references mood board for background and general gameplay inspiration. Pixel Art Moodboard
  • Expression sprite sheets mood board for inspiration. Expression Sprites Moodboard
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FMP Proposal Form



For your Project Proposal, you must provide an outline brief of your Final Major Project. This brief will normally be of your own choosing. Where the brief is set by your tutor, or where you are working on a group brief (with other Learners), please make sure that you cover how you will respond individually to the brief and/or your individual responsibilities/contribution to the work of the group.

Your Project Proposal must be produced as a focused outline brief:

  • Section 1:

-Working Title or Theme of Final Major Project:

The Damsels’ Adventure [Working Title]

-What you will work towards producing:

Conceiving, designing and presenting the assets of the game (characters, themes, backgrounds, weapons, possible advertising/ memorabilia) for console/ computer-based video game revolving around an adventure and roleplaying type theme. I aim to make a game that is female character based. For this game, I will be making all of the concept art such as character turnarounds using digital art, a game treatment, a promotional poster, game cards and designs for mini figures for promotional usage.

  • Section 2:

-Influences, starting points and contextual references:

Characters that I already had but never did anything with, wanting to bring them to life, properly think about their backstory and to have a game revolve around different personalities, possible body shapes and working together with all characters rather than just playing with the one you like the best while you learn about the different characters. (Paper Mario games, Undertale, ARMS, Tales from the Borderlands and Heavy Rain)

-Early ideas, research and sources (you must include a short list of research sources and bibliography texts). This list can be attached as an appendix

Things to find: Anatomy books, books on drawing characters & character design, different clothing styles, how to draw expressions, possible medieval research into settings?

Book 1:

  • Hartas, Leo “The Art of Game Characters” 1st Cambridge, ILEX, 2005.

Book 2:

  • Heissner, Tobias “The Game Narrative Toolbox” 1st Burlington, Taylor & Francis Group, 2015.

Book 3:

  • Roberts, Steve “Character Animation Fundamentals” 1st Oxford, El sevier Ltd, 2011.


Website 1:

Website 2:

Website 3:

Valve Corporation The Art of War. Available at: (Accessed 20th March 2018.)

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Evaluation of 3D Obstacle Course

In my animation, it started out fairly stiff, but as I continued to get used to the software the movements were a lot smoother, with the feet of the model not dragging on the ground as they walked, and being cautious and clumsy throughout the course with their arms outstretched as they went down slopes and had a generally slow demeanor throughout the course.

If I were to do this again I would like to have been able to finish the course properly and to clean up bits of the animation such as when he falls down the steps as it looks quite stiff and awkward.

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Trailer Production

18th January

We began planning and thinking of costumes, props, locations to use for our final idea of our trailer.

25th January

PLAN: storyboarding, script

Tallulah began contacting the places we plan to use for our project so that we have permission to use them well before it’s time to film it. She also started off the details of the script, working with me to begin storyboarding and planning out what exactly is going to happen in our trailer.

1st February

PLAN: finish storyboard, finish script, location recces, prop making

With Tallulah finishing off the script, I was able to finish off the storyboard completely.

Noah and Harriet printed off actor agreements for us all to sign, with Imogen beginning to look up props and make them for when we begin filming next week.

We also all went to the fabric shop to start gathering materials and went to the antique shop to ask if we can use their location for part of our trailer.