Posted in Unit 3, Unit 53- 2D & Stop Motion Animation

2D Animation Treatment

My project is namedDepression Is A Beast’ and is going to be a 2D animation. We have to make it within a few weeks- with the animation has to be under 90 seconds as that is our time limit with the rating being PG so that it is suitable for viewing by mostly anyone. My animation will be about 30 seconds long once it is all finished, and will be aimed at teenagers and upwards as I feel they could understand the issue that my animation is trying to show, rather than if children were to watch it.

In my animation, I took on the idea of depression taking over you; with it beginning with a girl slowly walking along, her hair, clothes and any identifiable things about her slowly falling away as she walks. As she continues walking, a black mass beginning to restrict her movement- almost like when chewing gum is stuck to your shoe when she realises that the mass is slowly pulling her in. She struggles to escape, reaching out for help as it consumes her entirely. After a few moments of silence, she breaks out of the mass, beginning to run away as the mass forms hands, struggling to keep her within its grasp as she runs away, trailing colours and happiness behind her. At the last moments of the animation, we see the black mass, as a hand rises out from it- showing that while she may have gotten better now, the mass (depression) may remain.

I purposely left the character in my story to have not much known about her so that all who are watching can hopefully relate more to her, able to put themselves in her shoes. However, her name is Harper Andrews; is 15 and has no set race.

There is little to no visual elements in my animation, with the camera mostly staying in a wide shot to make the character look small in a large space, but there are close ups to make the scene slightly tense, with a behind and low shot at the end of the animation to once again look small.

The audio in my animation is eerie and slightly creepy music in the beginning as the depression takes over her before using upbeat and triumphant music after she began to get better from the bout of depression.

I think my idea will make a good animation as no one really talks about mental health and depression, and for it to be taken seriously- needs to be talked about more and show that other people know what they are going through.

My primary research for my idea is that I myself have gone through this feeling myself, feeling taken over by depression and not being anything to do anything about it even though I may try my hardest to stop it. I have also seen other descriptions online that back up my idea of this feeling and depression being represented in this way as my secondary research

To make my animation, I would need a graphics tablet or paper and pencil to be able to draw the cells of the animation and a software such as Adobe Animate to put it together.

Problems I might encounter may be keeping the frames of the animation consistent and smooth- especially if I’m drawing it with paper and pencil as it is extremely difficult to keep those kinds of drawings the same to make a smooth animation.

As my animation project is being submitted for a competition, I need to consider the rules of the competition which states that I cannot upload it anywhere public while the competition is going on- for fear of disqualification from the competition.

If this were a live brief, I would need to buy Adobe Animate to be able to put the animation all together as well as the paper or graphics tablet to make the frames for the animation.

I have been given a few weeks to make this project, with a deadline that I must keep to. For this- I must get all of the frames done in time and put them in order so that it’s done in time for the deadline. I would have to allow for problems that may come up in my life that prevent me from drawing the frames for the animation.


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