Posted in Unit 3, Unit 53- 2D & Stop Motion Animation

Stop-Motion Animation Treatment

The name of my project is ‘Animated Alphabet’- in which I’m doing the letter ‘Z’. It will be a stop-motion animation using objects such as figurines and badges. It will be 5 seconds long- as that is our time limit for this project.

I don’t have a specific audience for my animation, but it will be suitable for everyone to view it. People who enjoy stop-motion and the Legend Of Zelda series may enjoy my animation as that is what I’m using to make my animation.

In my animation, I will have badges used as weapons in a fight between two characters, with the badges eventually forming a ‘Z’ shape.

I’ll be using regular lighting so that the figures can be seen well, as well as close ups for an action scene part in my work.

The audio that will be used in my animation will be made by me and have an upbeat intense tune to make the fight scene interesting- or maybe a sort of rendition of a Legend of Zelda song.

I’ve chosen this idea because I like the figurines and thought it would be interesting to have the badges moving around- almost like a snake. I will need to learn to be patient and careful not to move any of the props while making this animation so that it will remain smooth and make for a good stop-motion animation.

I didn’t do any primary research as I didn’t need to since I just needed to make the letter ‘Z’ in any way that I wanted to. I did however do a little secondary research to see other ideas for alphabets and what people did for each letter.

For this project, I’ll need a camera to take the photos on, figurines to have as the ‘characters’ in the animation as well as the badges for the projectile weapons.

Problems I may encounter might be how the projectile weapons will work without me physically holding and moving them around, which may not look as good in the final piece. To overcome this, I could attach them to string and slowly move them along.

I’m aware this series is not my own and I do not own the characters, which would prevent me from making money from the animation if it was being made professionally with the intend to make money from it.

Some of the potential costs may be getting a good camera and tripod to film the animation on, as well as the figurines and badges- which would obviously be a lot easier to buy and be less costly.

We have two weeks to make this animation, and I’ve allowed myself the time to make the animation by mapping out the storyboard early on so that I have much more time to make the animation which allows me more room for error in filming if it should arise.



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