Posted in Unit 3, Unit 53- 2D & Stop Motion Animation

2D Evaluation

My idea for the animation was largely inspired by how I felt at the time when we were asked to come up with ideas for our project. It was inspired by how I felt powerless and paranoid with my ideas, and the idea suddenly came to me and I knew I needed to portray it for my project.

The original idea didn’t have the uplifting ending that it does in the final project, but as the theme was “A Sense Of Hope”- I thought it was necessary to include the happy fate of the character.

I think the overall design of the animation isn’t too bad, but if I had more time I would have made the animation smoother and more detailed if I had a chance to recreate it.

I’m fairly happy with the materials I’ve chosen to use, but it was fairly tedious and I would opt to do the animation digitally so I wouldn’t have to remake the character and scene each time I drew a frame.

The colour scheme is exactly what I expected as I wanted little to no colour scheme to show the sombre theme of the animation, before using colour exclusively at the end to show the theme changing for the better.

The project did take fairly long to do because of the method I was using, I would use my time more effectively by starting it much sooner, but I did get it in on time.

I did a survey with 15 of my peers to see what they thought of my animation, here are the results-

The views of my peers are a fairly positive as 93.4% of people enjoyed my animation.

46.7% of people feel like I portrayed ‘A Sense of Hope’ in my animation.

Most people understood the message of depression and how things will get better.

93.3% feel that the soundtrack suited my animation well, at least to some extent.

However, 66.7% of people felt that my animation was too short.

It was a split whether or not the FPS should be higher with 60% believing that it’s fine how it is, and 40% saying that it should be higher so it’s smoother.

I was given a lot of recommendations for how to make my animation better such as outlining my drawings in pen; making the animation digitally and adding frames to my animation to make it smoother and longer- which would express the storyline better. If I were to do this again, I would take this advice into account and make my animations longer so that I could express what I want to easier.


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