Posted in Unit 3, Unit 53- 2D & Stop Motion Animation

Stop Motion Evaluation

My idea for the animation was a part of the ‘Animated Alphabet’ in which I had the letter ‘Z’. I enjoy the Legend of Zelda series and when I realised that I had props that I could use to link it to the project, I was inspired and made it.

Originally, I had a lot more fighting in my scenes but I had to cut it down and couldn’t have the scenes that I had in my storyboards as they were too long and complicated.

I’m happy with the props I used as I feel the animation turned out well even if it did take a very long time and it was frustrating that I couldn’t do this the way I had planned it out.

The colour scheme is what I expected as they all are similar and are from the same series so the props and figures I used equally match each other in sense of style and theme.

The project took a while to plan as I wasn’t sure what I was doing, but then I was able to film everything in a day, as well as put it all into an actual animation in a day which made it a lot easier as it was getting nearer to when it had to be due in. However, I could have used my time more efficiently by planning it quicker, which would have been helpful if I had more help and advice with what to do for it.

The technique of taking the pictures and the focus on the props was easy to learn and worked really well for this project. Since it was a matter of taking pictures and putting them into Premier Pro, it was fairly simple and I was glad since I didn’t know much about the program.

My peers thought my animation was good and that I was able to do it well, especially considering we were only allowed to make the animation 5 seconds long.

I think my animation works well for what it is, but if I were to do it again, I would like to make the badges more projectile like I had originally planned in my storyboard.


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