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App Design Production

This is the general colour scheme for my app- with the colours being able to change to personalise the app to each person. I thought these colours were fairly calming and went well together so I went with it. The codes for the colours are:

  • 36c2d9
  • ff8360
  • e8e288
  • 7dce82
  • 1cdeaa

Screen Shot 2017-12-11 at 14.25.17.png






This is my first page so far, with black bars in place for things on the actual page. The little white menu bar on the left will open up to reveal a menu featuring pages such as being able to plan your journey, a calendar, alarms/ reminders, homework/lists/things that need to be remembered (obviously personalised for each person) and more personal things such as daily care as people with depression and anxiety may struggle with these issues and want to keep track to make sure they take care of themselves.

Screen Shot 2017-12-11 at 14.26.57.png

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Film Trailer Analysis

A Ghost Story:

I learnt that names of films may be deceiving.

The genre is perceived as horror but is clearly a romance story once you properly watch the trailer.

A female, and a ghost.

The age rating is 15+

A woman loses her husband and the ghost of her past(?) goes back and visits all the memories in her old house.

The Autopsy of Jane Doe:

The genre is very clearly horror.

The main characters are a father and son who are in charge of a morgue who have to discover how she died.

The story is about a haunted autopsy and how the protagonists have to find out how the person died.

Rated R/ 15


The genre is animation and fantasy. Age rating is 7+

What do you learn from the trailer-


Who is the main character/protagonist

classification (age rating)

What is it about (story in the trailer)

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Muse App Testing

Unlike our first app test, we cannot use Adobe XD anymore and have been learning to use Adobe Muse to do our app testing. We first made 3 pages, then made each page a different colour, putting different text and button colours on each page. We then made a hyperlink with each button to show the interactivity of the tester app/website, and how we could instead use this instead of Adobe XD like we were originally going to.

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Character Production

I tried out many different ideas for characters at first such as a robot, fighter and mage-type characters before deciding on my current nature character as I thought it would be the most interesting visually and for a story idea.

Robot Character Moodboard20171211_133213warrior moodboard.jpg20171211_133242Mage character moodboard.jpg20171211_133302


To make my final character I began looking at nature and natural forms such as moss and different types of flowers and things typically associated with nature, as well as dark skin complexions which I wanted to expand on with my character as I thought the darker skin would compliment the greens and brighter colours of the flowers fairly well. Nature Character Moodboard

I then made a concept idea of what she might look like, simplifying the design down to be able to make an interesting sidescroller design.

20171211_133218Screen Shot 2017-11-23 at 11.27.36

I played around with colours to make it look as similar to my original idea as I could, mostly using the pen tool and fixing the anchors to make my character.

After I had a template model to work with, I moved her legs and arms a little each time to make a walk cycle, using guides and an image of a similar walk cycle so I could get the leg placements right. Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 12.26.49.png

This is my first attempt at a walk cycle, in which I needed to fix the legs, and possibly how the arms moved as well as the colour for the shading on the leg that’s behind the other.

To put the gif together, I used Photoshop and copied the vectors from Illustrator into Photoshop.

Walk-Cycle1.gifScreen Shot 2017-11-21 at 12.28.18.pngScreen Shot 2017-11-21 at 12.28.09.png

In this attempt, I was able to fix the order of the layers and the animation came out smoother. I may also still have to fix how the arms move but the shading also improved compared to the first attempt.Walk-cycle2.gif

This is an idle animation in which I selected everything but the legs and moved the pose so she moved up and down, moving her arms individually with each pose as well. Then I put them all together in photoshop as animation and exported it as a gif.

Idle1Using similar techniques as the walking cycle and idle animations, I was able to make my character jump. JumpFrom there I tried to fix the jump animation by adding an extra frame in between, but I’m not sure at this point whether it’s better or worse than my original try. Jump2